Welcome aboard!

Sea U!

Sailing on the North & Baltic Sea

Our crew ensures an unforgettable experience!

Always wanted to take a sailing trip but are not an experienced sailor yourself? Not a problem at all. Come on board with Luciana.
By the way… Even if you do have sailing experience, it is wonderful sailing on this beautiful, more than 100 years old, but very scratchy lady!

Luciana takes you on a journey. Hoist the sails and let’s go!
The crew makes sure everyone is sure to have a good time.

A clean environment and no plastic soup!

A clean sea for everyone!

We love the sea and would like to preserve it and pass it on as clean and healthy as possible to the generation that comes after us. To do something about the pollution of our seas, we try to work with organic and plastic-free products as much as possible.

Coming soon to us as well!

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