Our crew will gladly take you on a journey….

Get on board and get carried away (er… sailed…) by our fabulous crew!
They have a lot of experience on the water and know the most beautiful spots on the coast.
By default, the Crew consists of a skipper and a mate*. But to travel with you and your group, they do need a helping hand from you.

Don’t have any sailing experience? That’s not a problem at all. To sail with the Luciana, you don’t have to have any experience at all yourself. Our crew will explain to you exactly (and gladly!) what to do when hoisting the sails, making maneuvers or docking.
So that will be totally fine!

Our team:

Somewhat depending on when you board with us you will encounter:

Information to follow…

*Do you want to take a trip that will include night sailing? Then an additional crew is needed. This is possible but must be discussed in advance.

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