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Meet our beautiful
‘Grand Old Lady’

A thoroughly Dutch beauty with a touch of Baltic in her blood….

The LUCIANA is a beautiful ship with a long history.
She was built in the Netherlands in 1916 as a sailing herring lugger without a motor.
In 1929 the ship was sold to Sweden, and well into the 1970s it sailed there as a freighter in Scandinavian waters. Since 1982 she has been in use as a sailing passenger ship with auxiliary engine. A task she still performs with great love to this day (a few renovations later).

  • 4 quadruple cabins.
  • 4 double cabins.
  • Men’s bathroom with sinks and shower.
  • Ladies’ bathroom with sinks and shower.
  • 2 toilets.
  • Washing machines and dryer (fee to use)
  • A common room with beer tap and a Hi-Fi system.
  • Galley with professional 6-burner gas stove, large oven, 2 refrigerators and a freezer.


Technical Information
  • Length 39 meters.
  • Width 6.5 meters.
  • Draught 2.5 meters.
  • Displacement 168 tons.
  • Fully rigged, the total sail area is 480 square meters. That is with mainsail, schooner sail, two topsails, jib, inner jib, outer jib, kite and breef jib (yard sail).
  • Auxiliary engine: 320 HP 6-cylinder Weichai diesel engine.
  • Electricity supply: 24V, 220V and 380V.
  • The ship is sailing under the supervision of the Dutch Ship Inspection.

The Luciana was launched on June 10, 1916 and entered service in July as sailing lugger VL 173 ‘CORNELIA EN PETRONELLA’ for Viss. Me. Trust (Dir. C. van Yperen & C. van Heeren).


  • Jan 1919: KW 66 ‘MARCUS AURELIUS’, owner N.V. Viss. Me. Willem Beukelszn (B. Dijkdrenth Jr)
  • June 1921: KW 66 “TWO GEBROEDERS II,” owner Gebr. Bare.
  • 1928: Resolved.
  • 1929: Sold to Sweden and there rebuilt for freight shipping and fitted with engine (70 HP Bolinder).
  • 1930: In service as ‘KERSTIN’, owner Partrederi Sölvesborg (a.o. Nils Jönsson).
  • 1958: A new owner A.E. Henrikson, Gothenburg.
  • 1967: A new name: ‘SJÖBORREN’ and also a new owner RAB Sjöhästen, Gothenburg.
  • 1982: Return to the Netherlands under the new name: ‘FRISIANA’. Owner then is J. Grondsma in Leeuwarden.
  • 1989: Owner Europe Sailing, Pieter and Sas Boot, Rotterdam.
  • 2022: Current owners: Xander de Vries and Hieke Teijema

A quick look inside….

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